What is Export Marketing Fund (EMF)?

EMF aims to encourage small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to expand their markets outside Hong Kong by providing financial assistance to SMEs.

  • For participation in export promotion activities
  • To have overseas promotion fund
  • To develop e-commerce business by setting up or enhancement of a corporate website/mobile application which targets at overseas market
  • Starting from 20 Jan 2020, the cumulative funding ceiling for each enterprise will be increased from HK$400,000 to HK$800,000.  The fund has approved more than HK$3 billion by the beginning of Jan 2019.  This reflects the huge demand for market promotion in the export industry.


  • Registered in Hong Kong under the Business Registration Ordinance
  • A qualified SME (i.e. fewer than 100 employees in Hong Kong for manufacturing business; fewer than 50 employees in Hong Kong for non-manufacturing business)
  • It must have substantive business operations in Hong Kong at the time of making application.

Funding Scope:

  • Trade fairs/exhibitions outside Hong Kong
  • Business missions outside Hong Kong
  • Placing advertisements on trade publications which mainly target at markets outside Hong Kong
  • Export promotion activities which are conducted through electronic platforms/media and which mainly target at markets outside Hong Kong
  • Setting up or enhancement of a corporate website/mobile application of the applicant enterprise which mainly targets at markets outside Hong Kong

Tips from funding specialist:

  • Each application should cover expenditure related to one export promotion activity only.  The maximum amount of funding support for each successful application is 50% of the total approved expenditure incurred by the applicant enterprise or HK$100,000, whichever is the less.
  • There is no limit on the number of applications by an enterprise for funding support under EMF.  However, each enterprise may receive funding support under EMF up to a cumulative limit of HK$800,000 and a maximum of 50% of the cumulative limit may be used for applications relating to setting up/enhancing the online platform.
  • An enterprise may opt to apply for reimbursement of the expenditure items eligible for funding support under EMF after the completion of an export promotion activity.
  • Enterprises should submit an application for funding support within 60 calendar days after the completion date of the trade fair/exhibition or business mission, the issue date of the trade publication containing the advertisement, the completion date of the relevant export promotion activity conducted through an electronic platform/media, or the completion date of the relevant project on setting up/enhancing the corporate website/ mobile application of the applicant enterprise.
  • No matter the enterprise is a Limited Company or an Unlimited Company, it still can apply, as long as the enterprise meets the Government’s prescribed definition of SME.
  • Applications are accepted throughout the year and processed on a first-come, first-served bases.  The Department of Industry and Trade will complete the process within 30 working days from the date of receipt of the complete application.