Our Mission

We take pride to be the funding specialist with probably the highest success rate in the market.

We Understand

Have the right funding at the right time will help you combat the pandemic, prepare you to stay ahead of competition upon reopening of the economy. We have been on the other side of tier-one banks, granting loans to businesses for 15+ years. We have seen far too many occasions how cash flow problems killed businesses that might otherwise survive. On the other hand, having ample cash on hand will ensure that suppliers, employees and others can be paid on time, upholding your credibility. It also allows you to invest in delighting your customers while your competitors are cash strapped.

Our Professional

Cash Flow is the lifeblood of any small business, and many big ones too.
According to score and a U.S. Bank study, 82% of business failures are due to poor cash management.

Your finances are like gas in the car

Money keeps your business running. If you manage your cash flow properly, your business can take you to destinations you’ve always dreamed of: rapidly scaling your business, beating your competition, passing down your success to your next generation, and more. But it’s difficult to handle all financial aspects when you’re busy running a business.

Better the fuel, faster you go

As business funding experts, we help businesses to jump-start their growth plans through exploring and securing government grants and other financing options. With competitive sources of funding, you stand the highest chance of present and future success.

We are the shortcut – Your funding specialist

Our Value

Fuel Your Business to Grow
Professional business funding experts listen to you, understand your dreams and challenges, and help you to get financing best suited to help you grow and improve. The best ones even expedite the funding processes
It’s difficult not to get emotional when thinking about the future of your business.
We look at your situation with clarity and have your best interests in mind.  We will help you tap the most competitive financing and grants to make profits, scale, and thrive.  In addition, we treat your data with privacy, security and confidentiality.

We Promised

  • Fact-finding 
  • Assess and advise the option funding option
  • Help clients to understand the vetting criteria requirements
  • Prepare bespoke application and supporting documents
  • Submit application
  • Grant query handling
  • Secure grant approval
  • Advice on auditing requirement compliance
  • Prepare progress and final reports to the government