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That as an SME, you may be eligible to :

  • Over HK$10 Million government funding (don’t forget: funding is not loan!)
  • And the money can reach your bank in one month after approved by HK government.
Not just one but over 20 schemes!


Many failed to pass the application test.
Here are the reason why:

  • Not fulfill company structure requirements
  • Project didn’t match funding aims
  • Each project size is much larger than funding schemes


We can help you in 3 simple steps


Higher Success Rate

Unless you have had experience applying for 20 schemes on 1000 cases, we are confident our combined 30 years knowledge with the credit criteria and project scoping skills can at least 3X the success rate. Our record in 2020 was 100% approval.

Secure Funding Faster

You can save weeks and months by answering the fund assessors the right way!
Our track records show that we can reduce review processing time by 50% to 75%.

Much Easier

Leave the tedious grant application process to us while you focus on your core business.

For an amount fit best to your plan

Apply for an amount too high for your project will invite rejection, too small means not enough dry powder to move the needles. You will have advice from us what’s the most optimal amount to apply for funding or banking facilities

Risk Free Process

No upfront fees, no fees applicable if we’re not able to secure financing for your company. Performance guarantee, pay only for results!

Lower Interest Costs

Potentially save 30%-50% on interest costs. Obtain unsecured SME loans at interest from as low as 1.3% p.a.

There are various government assisted SME funding schemes in Hong Kong offered by different government departments.

Criteria and funding rate are different for all schemes. It is frustrating and time consuming for you to compare every government funding scheme.
Now, you can compare all SME funding scheme easily in just 1 minute! Use our free online funding assessment tool to compare all government funding programme.
Don’t have your applications rejected. Compare across all funding scheme for more options & maximize approval chances.

Try out our free funding assessment tool and see all your best SME government funding options instantly!
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SME funding criteria requirements

Non-listed Hong Kong enterprise

With substantive business operations in Hong Kong

A qualified SME (i.e. < 100 employees in Hong Kong for manufacturing business; < 50 employees in Hong Kong for non-manufacturing business)

What You Get

No repayment needed government grants Obtain upto HKD7.6M free government funding to support your business expenses.

Higher Approval Rate

Improve your approval chances. We are familiar with the funding criteria of government schemes with solid track record of > 90% approval rate for SME funding applications.

Secure Funding Faster

We help your company secure funding fast! Reduce SME funding application processing time by prompt and correct response to government departments

Hassle Free Approach

Leave the tedious government grant application process to our specialists while you focus resources on your core business.

Higher Funding Amount

Secure larger funding amount by matching your plan among different schemes.

Customer Testimonials

Join hundreds of SMEs just like yours who entrusted us to help grow their business

Fast efficient response
Ms Zhang of Star-Moon Toy (HK) Co Ltd is eager to expand the production line in Dong Gong, and spring the e-commence project into action with seed money. The newly approved BUD Fund amounting HKD 2 million is truly a shot in arm. Ms Zhang is extremely grateful to Perry’s assistance for succeeding the BUD application within 3 months. Now, everything is coming up roses.

Ms Lily Zhang,
Director of Star-Moon Toys (HK) Co Ltd

Trusted advisor
" Not just an expert in BUD fund application, Prosolve has been so helpful in helping us to manage the project budget, and the planning and preparation for audits. Fion and Perry are our most trusted funding partner."

Mr Law,
Director of GJ Web Solutions Limited

Sincere customer service
"Perry and Fion helped us together the government fund that we weren’t even aware of. The fast injection of cash flow helped us to reach our goals much faster and set new ones we never thought we can have in 2020. They are sincere, efficient and provided prompt follow up service.”

Mr Ron Lo,
Director of Sanwin Limited

Other Successful Cases


SME funding programs

Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales (BUD)

Government grants with up to HK$6,000,000 to support SMEs developing new business in the Mainland and/or FTA markets. This is a 1:1 matching fund with support project plans upto 24 months.

Technology Voucher Programme (TVP)

Government grants up to HK$600,000 to subsidize local entities better use of technology to enhance long-term competitiveness. Government will support 75% of the project.

Export Marketing Fund (EMF)

To encourage SMEs to expand markets outside Hong Kong. Government grants up to HK$800,000. This is a 1:1 matching fund

SME Financing Guarantee Scheme (SFGS)

The flexible lending solution is to solve SMEs’ financing needs. Financing amount upto HK$18,000,000


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Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales (BUD)
The maximum of BUD funding is upto HK$6,000,000 to support SMEs developing new business in the Mainland and/or FTA markets. This is a 1:1 matching fund with support project plans upto 24 months.

Technology Voucher Programme (TVP)
Government grants up to HK$600,000 to subsidize local entities better use of  technology to enhance long-term competitiveness.  Government will support 75% of the project.

Export Marketing Fund (EMF)
To encourage SMEs to expand markets outside Hong Kong. Government grants up to HK$800,000. This is a 1:1 matching fund


From online application to approval takes around 3 months. Applicant opting to receive Initial Payment (i.e 75% of total approved Government funding) takes about 1 month after approval.

Most SME funding applications can be rejected due to multiple reasons, such as
Approaching the wrong funding scheme
Subsitantial business proof not concrete enough
Product/Service Prerequisite Licensing does not obtained
Imagine this scenario: You have a project plan which need to start now. Perhaps, to confirm bidding for a tender or seize opportunity for a big project .
Yet, when your SME funding application is declined, you will either have to cancel or postpone this project. Your company’s expansion plan might be stalled due to the missed opportunity.
Moreover, when your application is declined, you might not be able to submit another application to the same funding within a short period of time.
It is critical that you identify the right scheme to seek funding with and to be able to address the program's criteria and queries adequately, to minimize rejections.


There are various funding products available to meet the different requirements of SMEs
Common SME funding method include:

  • Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales (BUD)
  • Technology Voucher Programme (TVP)
  • Export Marketing Fund (EMF)
  • SME Financing Guarantee Scheme (SFGS)
  • Commercial lending

For government grants application, it will support SMEs with substantive business operation and have the ability to complete that project plan.  Therefore, document proof on this aspect maybe needed.

Yes, you can but options are very limited for new start ups as most grants require a substantive business operations in Hong Kong.

About Prosolve:

Prosolve is specializes in government grants and low-cost loans
Fuel Your Business to Grow The best business funding experts listen to you, understand your dreams and challenges, and help you to get financing best suited to help you grow and improve, as well as expedite the funding processes. It’s difficult not to get emotional when thinking about the future of your business. The best funding experts can look at your situation with clarity and have your best interests in mind, They will help you get the most competitive grants and financing to make profits, scale, and thrive.

How we help
  • We take pride to be the funding specialist with probably the highest success rate in the market.
  • Acting as your Finance Director
  • Financing a Business
  • Cash Flow & Management Reporting
  • Structured Business Planning
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Micro-entity or Small Co Accounts & Filing